Our Vision

Reliable Energy Solutions for Communities

Achieving peace of mind through reliable energy, new jobs, and economic opportunities that reverse climate change.

Our Mission

Leveraged Experience with Quality Solutions

Leveraging our experience to combine wind, solar, & storage in ways that serve communities and companies alike.

Our Pathway

Customized Energy Platforms

Fulfilling Renewable Portfolio Standards through strategic vision, leading hardware, technical execution, and precise management.

Our Team

Dr. Phil Watts

  • Developer, Owner, & CEO

    Dr. Watts studied aeronautical engineering at McGill University, and went on to earn his PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from Caltech, where he lobbied for on campus recycling and green buildings. Upon graduation, he worked as a research scientist for around a decade, publishing more than 30 scientific papers in some of the top peer reviewed journals in the world. This pioneering work, carried out with renowned academic colleagues, created the foundations for a brand new field of science and resulted in at least one paper being referenced more than 100 times.

    Dr. Watts also worked as a consulting engineer, performing hazard assessment and writing analytical reports for the insurance, oil & gas, and nuclear industries. Along the way, he filed celebrated biomimetic patents in wing technology based on the leading edge tubercles of humpback whale flippers. One of those patents had him become a finalist for the prestigious 2018 European Inventor Award.

    His published research on the wing kinematics and wing dynamics of flying bats has appeared in several movies. When his daughter was born, Dr. Watts transitioned his career into renewable energy out of concern for her future and for our planet. He subsequently gained wind turbine design experience and wind farm development experience as an executive at several renewable energy companies.

    Dr. Watts founded ReSource Renewable Energy, Inc. in 2012 to realize his unique vision of customized energy platforms meeting community energy needs. He now applies his innovation and leadership in the renewable energy sector.

Financial Partners

  • Ongoing Relationships

    We nurture long term relationships with our financial partners, matching the project with their profile, and meeting their target returns. We make a point of exceeding their expectations at every opportunity.

Wind Partners

  • Small and Large

    We team up with the best performing players in the space for wind turbine generators 1.5+ MW in size. We also deploy cost competitive and versatile 99 kW wind turbine generators for our energy platforms.

Solar Partners

  • Modular Solutions

    We team up with both national players and local entities, in a way that ensures quality installations and local construction expertise. We want our communities benefiting from these energy platforms.

Storage Partners

  • Reliable Energy

    We select energy storage methods, optimize the energy storage amount, then team up with the best players in those spaces. Energy storage methods include various hydroelectric and battery solutions.